…also known as Skin Weft or Invisible Hair Extensions.


Micro tape Extensions are pieces of hair which have a clear strip of strong adhesive tape across the top and are applied in a sandwich like pattern with a section of your natural hair in between. Easy and fast to apply, tape in hair extensions are great for all hair types’ especially thin or fine hair. Removal is simple with an adhesive removing spray and extensions can be reused by applying a new strip of tape. Extensions last up to 6-8 weeks.

Why Choose Skin Wefts?

This method eliminates the problem of visible extensions when turning your head or the wind blowing. The extensions can be attached anywhere on the head, even in the front! Skin wefts really are invisible hair extensions because they look as if they are coming out of your scalp
The hair can be reused, and the hair can be brushed in any direction to create the most natural looking finish

Skin Wefts suitability

This method works well for women with thinning hair or those experiencing hair loss due to a number of different factors ranging from stress related illness to hereditary hair loss. If you have thick/heavy hair other application methods may be more suitable. You can discuss the various options with your extension specialist at your consultation.